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A moment in time!!! That's what a portrait captures a ....moment in time!!! Hello! My name is Tammy Thomas. I love kids of all ages...but there is something very special about Seniors!!! You are getting ready to begin a new chapter in your life! Being a senior is special! You are ready to have fun and are excited about your future and who you will become. You are looked up to by your younger peers and siblings. You make a statement about yourself and who you are by the clothes you wear, your hair style, the car you drive, the activities you are involved in and the difference you make in the community. As a senior portrait artist, I want to capture those special qualities about you. I want to capture who you are at this point and time in your life. Your senior portraits are very important! You want something that is of great quality, but also want an experience. At Greater Vision Photography...that's what we do! We make your senior portrait session an experience! Not just a place where you got your photos taken. We have many collections available for you to choose from that will fit exactly what you want and your budget. We can spend 45 minutes or up to 5 hours...depending on which collection you want and need. At Greater Vision Photography, we require a pre consultation with all of our potential clients before we ever take your portraits. We do this so we can meet each other face to face prior to the session. It makes everyone much more comfortable if you know each other before the BIG day! Also, we want to know more about you. We visit about your expectations and needs as well as discuss our policies. During this time, we will go over all of the available collections so you can choose what you want and need. This is vital to planning your perfect portrait session. It also gives you the opportunity to see my location and ask questions. We do require that you prepay for your session so we can hold your portrait session date. Finally, after the portrait session, you can expect to come back to the studio for a projection appointment to view your portraits in about 2-3 weeks. This is the time that you will place your order for your portraits so it is imperative that you bring everyone who will be making purchasing decisions. We will schedule this appointment the day you come in for your pre consultation. All of our products and services are backed by our 100% gurantee! There is no risk involved when you choose us. We want you to be thrilled with your portraits!!! Thank you for taking a look around Greater Vision Photography!!! We are looking forward to creating memories for you that will last a lifetime!